Come Visit Chile!

(Not Your Average Bowl of Chili)

Location Location Location!

Chile is a large narrow strip of land located along the western coast in South America. It had the record for longest country, top to bottom. With the country being shaped so peculiarly, it has a very diverse climate. There is hot, humid desert in the north, fertile and mild towards the middle, and the south has cold, icy fjords. Chile has four distinct seasons, with very temperamental weather patterns.
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Don't Understand the Customs?

The most important thing about visiting a new country is understanding their customs and knowing how to communicate with them. The national language of Chile is Spanish, and some parts speak languages that are native to the tribes living there. Some common folkways include:
  • Chileans marry young (early or mid 20s)
  • The nuclear family is dominant in Chilean culture
  • People are free to marry whomever they want, arranged marriages aren't traditional
  • When the father of a family passes away, the wife is granted half of the estate
Some values in Chilean society include:
  • Family is very important, everyone sticks together and looks out for each other
  • Women are expected to do the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children
  • Chileans believe in hard work
Chile, like any other country, has taboos as well:
  • Abortion is illegal
  • Don't take photographs of Native American people
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A Deeper Look into the Culture

There is a rich cultural landscape here in Chile! There are many smaller Native groups, such as the Mapuche and the Aymara. The cities in Chile are built with the classic Spanish style where there is a large central square with streets that extend out in straight lines towards the cardinal points. There is evidence everywhere in Chile of the Spanish influence, from their foods to their national language. Chile went from being a small power to having regional and international leadership roles, and their poverty rates have reduced by about half since the 1980s!
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