Mia Hamm

Mariel Margaret Hamm

Her Childhood

Mia Hamm was born on March 17, 1972 in Selma, Alabama. She was the forth Hamm out of six children. Her father Bill Hamm was a member of the Air Force, so the family moved around a lot. The Hamm's moved to Italy, Bill loved to watch sports, but all that was on was soccer. Everyone learned to love the sport especially Mia. The Hamm's moved back to America, but they always kept soccer with them. Unfortunately, soccer was not popular most people did not even know America had a U.S Men's Soccer team. It was not popular until Pele' came to play for them, he did not play for long, but he did make soccer a little bit popular. When they finally settled down the Hamm's adopted a 8 year old Asian American boy named Garret. Him and Mia were quickly inseparable. Garret let Mia play with all his friend's they'd play soccer, football etc.. Mia was Garret's secret weapon when he gave her a wink or a pat on the back Mia would go all out. All the other kids soon knew how talented she was, she was not a secret weapon anymore. The Hamm's moved again, but there was more soccer programs then there was before. Mia's childhood was a happy time!

Important Events That Shaped Her Life

A important event that shaped her life was when she watched the men's World Cup in 1982, then the United States did not air the World Cup but since they were close to Mexico the Hamm's got Mexican t.v. Mia got a scholar ship at age 13 to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At 13 Mia got asked to play for the Texas- All State Selection, and again when she was 13 she got asked to the Olympic development team. When Mia was just 15 she became the youngest person ever to play or the U.S Women's National Team. Without watching the World Cup Mia would not have tried hard enough to end up playing in the World Cup and without playing for the Texas- All State Seletion team she would not have gotten a scholar ship.

"I am a member of the team, and rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is a ultimate champion"

Hardships and Obstacles Mia Faced

One obstacle or hardship she faced is that she was born with a club foot. So her feet were not straight, they faced outwards. Another hardship or obstacle in she lost a World Cup, and after the firt World Cup the United States won her best friend and fellow brother died of aplastic anemia. She also divorced Christian Corry her first husband. For Mia everything bad turned out great for her.