Child Abuse

It happens everyday.

How to Prevent Child Abuse

Child Abuse is 100% preventable. With the proper knowledge and some help from Child abuse awareness programs . Such as CPS. There are websites and hotlines that are open 24/7 , toll free.

What happens when an pregnant women is exposed to abuse

The woman and her unborn child's life are put in danger. No matter if it's physical abuse or drugs , your putting your baby at risk of serious birth defects and even worse death. If someone is hurting you, you should do your best to get out of the situation, you might just be saving your baby's life

How Can Abuse Stunt A Child's Development/ What theorist relates

Being abused in anyway can stunt the development of the brain (cognitive development) When your a child you still have much to learn and if your being physically or emotionally abused you grow up to think that's perfectly normal. Being neglected you don't get taught anything and you don't know what's right from wrong. Some kids get the idea since I've been hurt,I should hurt others. Those kids grow up to be killers.You could relate this situation to the theorist John Locke when he said "Children learn from experience.

Reporting Abuse In Texas

You need to know the name,age,and a address of the child. A description of the situation and the child. How you found out about the situation. Current injuries of the child, and any behavioral problems. The name of the child's' parents and the names of any siblings in the house You also need to give your contact information.

Some Of The Mandated Reporters