Let's Learn About Canadian Life

By :Kara Grieve

Population and Climate (Where do people live in Canada and why)

Canada's population is very small compared to how much land they have. We have about 9 times how many people they have,and Mexico has about 3 times the amount. Most Canadians don't live far from the US border. The cold climate keeps most in a few areas of land.

Trade and Natural resources (Where do people live in Canada and why)

The Great Lakes and the St.Lawrence river, provide great trade routes from Canada into the Atlantic Ocean, they also provide fish, fresh water, and hydroelectricity. Canada's central plains provide them with resources like canola, wheat,and some other grains. This encourages people to come and visit these places and it also gives many citizens jobs.

Canada's History (Article-History)

How do the French and English influence the Canadians? We're all so far apart that it's impossible, right? NO!!! There are a handful of reasons we influence one another. First, is that we fought with Canadians during World War 1. Also we all were working to claim more land during the 1400's through the early 1600's. Then when America gained their independence from Great Britain it started a huge cultural influence in Canada. As soon as this happened people that didn't want independence moved to Quebec and culture differences started conflicts. These conflicts led to the different cultural groups moving apart across the country. So, most English speaking citizens lived in upper Canada (Ontario). That means the French speaking citizens live in lower Canada (Quebec). These are the reasons why we influence Canada.

Quebec's Independence Movement

Quebec is a big country off the East coast of Canada. It wants independence from the rest of Canada. Most people living in Quebec are French Canadians. They began wanting Quebec to be an independent country during WW1 because they didn't think they needed to be involved in the war. The Quebec citizens also thought that their langue and culture might disappear. They were tired of felling like second class citizens in their own country. They also believed that the French langue and culture was being overwhelmed by the English. So, to fairly settle the disagreement people voted. In 1980 the votes were in favor of Quebec staying Canadian. Then, in 1995 49.4% of the votes wanted Quebec to secede and 50.6% of the votes wanted Quebec to stay part of Canada. The amazingly close votes show that Quebec's relationship with Canada will still continue to be a controversial subject.