No Ranbom Locker Check's

Ranbom locker checks are rude and uncomfortable

It is rude to go through other peoples things!

  • 40% say it is bad to go through the students lockers.
  • 38%say it is good to go through the students lockers.

Is that people should know what not to in their own lockers

  • "The school gives them a locker for books not weapons."says Barbara Whiting.
  • "It is good to have a locker seaches so that we will be safe at school with no harm done." says Anderson Cooper.

Another reason is that your locker is to protect not to harm!

  • 50% say your teacher's give books not weapons that will harm you.
  • 47% say we need locker seaches ever since the Newtown accidents.
History Projects- Should Teachers Be Able To Search Students Lockers?