eastern woodlands indians

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This is the eastern woodland indians hunting deer.

the eastern woodland people are generally divided into three main language groups

Woodland Indian Culture Video by Michele Paguaga

the eastern woodland indians have some human resources and hunting animals and gathered wood and water

they also have natural resources and basic needs are such as food, water,and there goods are ,clay,pottery

there capital resources are tools,canoes,bows,spears and weirs there capital resources are made out of wood,stone,or animal parts and spear points were made of flint

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this is the eastern woodland indians catching fish so that they can feed there familes

the woodland indians live in long houses and make stuff from wood and they weev baskets

the climate for the eastern woodlands is generally warm and the eastern woodland is divided into smaller sub- regions

the weapons they use were spears bows and arrows tomahawks clubs axes knives swords bolas blowguns and darts shields and armor

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