Greco-Roman Culture Symposium

Homer ~Alex Johnson


Homer is still famous today for his epics such as The Illiad and The Odyssey. His works are still studied today by students and professors on all levels. Homer's Odyssey is comedic and the main character is Odysseus. Homer's Illiad is tragic and the main character is Achillies. When ever Homer writes he captivates his audience such as in the Odyssey when he reunites the Trojan Hero Hector with his wife and son to take a break from the war and bloodshed. If you ever had the thought of becoming a writer, Homer is a great example to look up to and study from. Greek children studied Homer to become smarter in Language Arts such as children and young adults today.

The Illiad

The story of The Illiad is a story that marks the beginning of Greek Literature. Several plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides based off of the Illiad. The Illiad is an epic woven from many short stories and short poems, it tells the story of the Trojan Wars between Greece and Troy. Many civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea fought over trade, and territory, so it was common for countries such as Troy and Greece to get into disputes. The Trojan wars happened two hundred years before Homer was born, The Trojan wars was a ten year conflict over a the pretty Queen Helen of Sparta wife of Menelaus, Paris the Trojan Prince fell in love with Helen and carried her to Troy with help from Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of Love. Agamemnon Menelaus's brother was furious and brought the body of the Greek army to Troy's doorstep. The Illiad covers a Fifty-Four day span of the feud between Achilles and Agamemnon, Achilles quit quit the millitary until his best friend died to Hector, Achilles gets his revenge on Hector and slays him, as Troy is falling to Greece Achilles gets shot in his heel which blew him his famous fatal blow, renaming the place he got shot the Achilles Tendon.

Heinrich Schliemann

In the Eighteen Sixties Heinrich Divorced his first wife, quit his buisness and sent a letter to his friend to help him find a new wife who was poor but smart, shared a passion for Homer, pretty, had black hair, and was Greek. He found Sophia Engastromentos as his partner in Archaeology and in life. Heinrich toured the Aegean sea with Homer's Illiad as his map. He was convinced modern day Hissarlik in Turkey was Troy. It took him two years to get dig rights from the Turkish government and he had to promise to turn over one half of all of his finds over to them. He started in Eighteen Seventy-One which he ignored these promises, He trashed the ruins and was not careful. He found King Priam's treasure and smuggled the treasure back to Athens. The treasure was actually during the Bronze Era and known as Troy the first. The next layer up was believed to hold the Troy where The Trojan Wars were held. After Heinrich's death his wife continued his research and found Nine more Trojan cities!
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The Odyssey

The Odyssey consisted of many adventures off the comedic hero Odysseus. He returns to Greece as the sole survivor on his voyage where he faced many challenges where he had to use his wits to solve them. Odysseus was a smart and a strong soldier on his way home from the Trojan wars.