Austin 5 Themes of Geography

By Nick Ubertini


Austin has been in a deep drought and dried up a lot of some lakes, such as Lake Travis.

When Lake Travis was at full capacity farmers could use the water for farming, and now with the water is so low, it is hard for many people to get use of the water.


In Austin most people use a car to drive around the city, while in downtown you can also take boats, buses and taxis to get around. Some farmers may ride their horses to get around but that is only in the real country ranch roads.


This picture shows the absolute location of Austin, Texas. Which is 165 miles Northwest of Houston, 80 miles Northeast of San Antonio, 196 miles South of Dallas and 577 miles East of El Paso.

Human -Environment Interaction

People in Austin have had to adapt to the drought by conserving water more and some people having to struggle to try and get water access on their once water front houses. Some people have had to move their docks over 1/2 a mile just to have water access well others have just given up and are waiting for the water level to rise back up.


Austin is one of the hilliest places in Texas with places around it such as Houston and Dallas being completely flat compared to Austins hills. When it rains in Austin the water seems to run out and not flood in much in Austin as in Houston the rain creates huge puddles and flooding problems.