John Marshall

Dalton bell and Mark

Marbury vs. Madison

  • 1803
  • the case was the most import case of the supreme court in history, it was the first case in the u.s
  • the supreme court can declare laws
  • the supreme court of the u.s has the power to declare that the judicial review
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Fletcher vs. Peck

  • 1810
  • the first case in which the Supreme Court ruled a state law unconstitutional, the decision also helped create a growing precedent for the sanctity of legal contracts, and hinted that Native Americans did not hold title to their own lands.
  • the resulting case reached the Supreme Court which in a unanimous decision
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Martin VS. Hunter's Lessee

  • 1816
  • Was a landmark United States Supreme Court case decided on March 20, 1816. It was the first case to assert ultimate Supreme Court authority over state courts in civil matters of federal law.
  • To established landmarks.
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Cohen’s vs. Virginia

  • 1819
  • Congress passed a bill to establish a National Lottery, to raise money for the District of Columbia, and which was conducted by the municipal government. Virginia had created its own state lotteries.
  • They wanted to make lottery tickets to give the poor a chance to win money. The tickets was not allowed to leave state
  • To help the poor
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Dartmouth College vs. Woodward

  • 1819

  • Was a landmark decision from the United States Supreme Court dealing with the application of the Contract Clause of the United States Constitution to private corporations? The case arose when the president of Dartmouth College was deposed by its trustees.

  • The charter granted by the British crown to the trustees.

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McCulloch (or McCullough) vs. Maryland

  • 1818

  • On April 8, 1816, the Congress of the United States passed an act titled "An Act to Incorporate the Subscribers to the Bank of the United States" which provided for the incorporation of the Second Bank of the United States.

  • So this established U.S banks

  • So the banks could hold are money and for the government to rube us

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