Jim Carrey's Obstacle

By Jake Darida

Jim Carreys Childhood

When Jim Carrey was growing up he had no friends, was an diagnosed dyslexic and he was very poor. His father was a musician and his mother had no job. When his father got fired from his job they were living on nothing. When he was 15 he had to drop out of high school, work 8 hours a day in a factory, and had to live in a van for about 2 years with his 2 parents and 3 siblings

Jim Carrey's Teenage Life

He first got his start in a Toronto Comedy Club. When he was there he was picked up by some critics and was in the local newspaper. After his family moved back in somewhere and Jim had enough money to go some place, he went to Los Angeles, California to start a life of comedy. He knew he was funny because everyone laughed at his jokes back in school and everyone in town knew him for his comedy.

Beginning of Jim Carrey's Acting Career

When Jim got to Hollywood he started taking acting lessons and taking some side roles in comedic TV shows. Then later he got his own stand up comedy show called "Jim Carrey's Unnatural Act" and people started to get to know him. But he got his big break in 1994 in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." After that he made many more movies and people around the world started to love him.
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Jim Carrey's Acting Career

After staring in his first movie he made many more comedy classics such as, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Batman Forever, and many more. In the past 20 years he has made a very big mark on the world of comedy and he might never had he never overcame his original obstacle.

Other Accomplishments

Jim Carrey has won over 40 awards ranging from Humanitarian to Movie awards. He has donated almost 3 million dollars to many charities. He is worth almost 150 million dollars. He is an active humanitarian and volunteer for schools and disaster causes. He has written 3 children books and 1 novel. While also being a movie actor
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