Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception

By: Vince Mobily

Part 1

Opal Koboi, the antagonist of the story, is trying to terminate Artemis and LEPrecon's Holly Short the protagonists. Opal has 2 side kicks that help her find them. Opal is so evil that she made a clone of herself to get out of an operation. Artemis, on the other hand, went to Germany with Butler to find a very important document regarding Opal's crimes.

Part 2

Artemis returns home and speaks to his mother about how his sick father is doing. Then, Holly went back to her base and was surrounded by Goblins. Holly and her captain, Captain Root, went to fight them off. Next, Opal and her side kicks appear and Opal kills one of the 2 that I mentioned, but I will not spoil who.


Part 3: The End

Lastly, Artemis and Holly teamed up against Koboi and nearly killed her. Koboi used heat seeking plasma rockets to try to take them down, and she failed. After that, Artemis went back to his mansion in Fowl Manor. Holly on the other hand, went back to leading LEPrecon.

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