Access Consciousness

A BARS TASTER~ Mini sessions

SATURDAY, MARCH 1st~ 1-3pm

This will be an introductory afternoon to share some of the tools of Access Consciousness and the dynamic body process called the Bars!

Come by and experience for yourself what the Bars are and by having your Bars run what the benefits can create for you!

You will discover by simply touching 32 points on the head what can start to

create change with ease. It's like defragging your computer to make it and you function more optimally!

Would you like less stress and more ease in your life?

The benefits are endless and we will share some of the possibilities with you!

Come in for a relaxing 20 minute taste of the Bars for only $10.!

Access Your Joy Body Studio

15418 Hwy. 507 (near Mill Rd.)
Yelm, Wa. 98597
360-458-BARS (2277)

Do you have any questions? Contact me!

Certified Access Consciousness Bars and Body Facilitator