Stop Cyberbullying

[what goes around comes around like a hula-hoop]

What is cyber bullying?

The constant harassment and/or humiliation of others over the internet

Examples of cyber bullying

text messaging, rumors or bad things being put on social media sites, and or spreading embarrassing things about people.

Three differences between cyber bullying & bullying

1. cyber bullying can happen at any time of the day or even all day.

2. cyber bullying can happen happen enonomously and be spread faster than you can think about reporting

3. It is hard to get completely rid of the bad things or images if they were put on the internet because that's just how the net works.

Effects of cyberbullying

kids or anyone who is cyber bullied can start to have health problems, be unwilling to go to school and if they do attend school they grades usually drop drastically. Also a victoms self esteem can drop and eventually contimplate committing suicide.

Prevention and awareness

1. know the sites there kids are on

2. ask for there passwords

3. ask to friend or follow them on social medias

4. install parental control on there laptop or cellphones

5.research the sites that they get on, be aware

establish rules

1. talk to your kids about being smart online and not posting bad things

2. encourage your kids not share there passwords and keep them safe

3. make them make there pages private

Report a cyberbully

1. don't respond

2. keep evidence, date and times

3. block the bully

Report to your online service provider

1. report the cyber bully to the social media site

2. visit safety centers online for cyber bullying

Report to a local law enforcement

1. threats of violence

2. child pornography

3. stalking or invasion of privacy/ hate crimes

Report to your school

1. schools can put policies in place to prevent cyber bullying

2. schools can take there own action and punish the student