Norwegian Americans

Uff da


Long ago in Norway there were Vikings. They lived around 800 AD - 1050 AD. They took control over many areas in Scandinavia and Europe. They also made many voyages, they went as far out west as North America. In World War I Norway was neutral, but in World War II Germany attacked them. Around 800-900 Norwegians immigrated to America. They came between 1825-1925. Many Norwegians came over on a boat. One group called their boat the Norwegian Mayflower. Most of the Immigrants from Norway left their home because of religious motives.

Arriving in America

Most Norwegians immigrated to the upper Midwest. They arrived in states like Minnesota and Iowa. Here are some places that they immigrated to.

  • Western Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Northern Iowa


In Norway, people have many traditions. Here are just a few that they have.

  • On June 23, people celebrate Midsummer Night. Midsummer Night is the longest day of the year. People get together with their family and friends to have huge bon fires and to sing and dance.
  • They have a traditional sandwich that is popular and it is called a smørrebrød. A smørrebrød is an open sandwich.
  • Some other traditional foods are lutefisk and lefse.

Extra information



10-12 large russet potatoes
6 teaspoons butter -cut into pieces
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 cup half n' half (or less)
1 cup flour with 1 teaspoon baking powder


1. Peel and cook potatoes
2. Rice the potatoes while still hot
3. Add ingredients EXCEPT flour and baking powder
4. Cool in refrigerator


Stir 1 cup flour with 1 t. Baking powder and add to cool potatoe mixture.
Stir to mix well.
Use 1/3 cup measure to form balls.
Store uncovered in refrigerator until chilled.

Roll on cloth covered pastry board with cloth covered rolling pin. Both should be floured generously. Lift with a lefse stick and cook on lefse griddle at 400 degrees. Turn and cook opposite side. Place on cotton dish towel. Alternate a dishtowel with lefse round until complete. Cool. Fold each round in sixths and wrap in plastic wrap.