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by Derek Wu and Anthony King


Haven’t you wanted to see the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge? Australia is a majestic, beautiful country! You must see it for yourself. It has fabulous weather, extraordinary and unique wildlife, interesting places to visit and FABULOUS and friendly people. So don’t stay home being bored, come to Australia and have some awesome fun.


Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife. Taronga Zoo is home to our delightfully unique creatures. Come and see our three K’s: the Kangaroos, the Koalas and the Kookaburras. The kangaroo and the emu symbolise Australia, you must come and meet them! You must see the world’s only monotremes. Our infamous platypus and the spikey echidna, so unique and amazing. In the outback you will be surrounded by amazing native flora. There is nothing in the world like the breathtaking Aussie outback, full of unique vegetation. Come and see our grand eucalyptus trees and the wattle, waratahs and lomandra!

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The kookaburra, the Macquarie Dictionary's official symbol.

Significant Sites

While you are here, come and stay in Sydney. Australia’s biggest and best city. Sdney is a world famous destination full of amazing attractions. One of Sydney’s most famous sites is Bondi Beach. You will love the soft sand and sparkling blue waves. You also must go to Luna Park, a famous tourist attraction for kids! Before you leave Sydney, catch a ferry on Sydney harbour and see the iconic Sydney harbour bridge. Drop into the Opera House. It hosts many musical events that you will absolutely adore. There are so many incredible places you must see in Australia. Don’t go home until you have visited sunny, tropical Queensland. It is a wonderful place to visit. It is so exciting that you and your kids will definitely have infinite fun! The Gold Coast is full of fun parks, Sea World, Movie World, and Wet n Wild. You will never believe your eyes! Visit the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef and you will discover a natural wonderland like nowhere else.


The weather in Australia is marvellous! SO MUCH OUTDOOR FUN!

Go sailing or fishing. Enjoy the many water sports possible when you get here! Enjoy swimming, surfing, and bushwalking while the summer sun shines. Hike up Mount Kosciusko in the summer or go skiing in our Snowy Mountains during the winter. It's time you visited here in Australia! You can't resist this awesome place!

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