Where is Middle-Earth



Turkey is a beautiful country full of beautiful landscapes, culture, and language.Many people think that Turkey has many beautiful landscapes because of the positive energy that the land gives off, it's as if the whole land is like a flowing river of stress reliving energy. Their culture is very rich in variety and tradition that relates all the way back centuries. Also the official language of Turkey is Turkish and today it is spoken by 220 million people and is the world's 5th most widely spoken language.


In Turkish culture, it's all about the food. The reason why is because Turkish cuisine is renowned as the world's best. Some examples of Turkish cuisines are midye tava (fried mussels), Kalamar (calamari), and midye dolma (mussels with stuffed seasoned rice). Another thing about Turkish culture is their dance. The reason why many people like their dance is mostly because of how colorful and elegant it is and not only that ,but their dance is sort of like telling a story to other people but in a more fun way.
In my personal opinion I believe that Turkey is the best country to represent Middle-Earth, because everything there is a mystery and the landscapes are truly amazing and beautiful. Also there are cave like castles which are similar to the Mines of Moria because for the dwarves it was also like a castle or something they treasure so much because of all the riches the mine held.

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Now that you see, don't you think that Turkey would make the perfect Middle-Earth? I mean the scenery is perfect and the amount of mysteries that the country holds is unbelievable. Especially since Turkey has many weird yet beautiful buildings

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The Shire theme(from the extended edition)