Teaching with iPads

Module 5: Extending Learning Through Screencasts

What is Flipped Learning?

  • What is Flipped Learning?
  • Why would a teacher flip their classroom?
  • What do you think the benefits/cons of the flipped classroom?
The Flipped Classroom by Aaron Sams

What are your thoughts?

  • Could you run a lesson as a flipped/blended lesson?
  • What would be your fears?
  • What are some of the positives & negatives of flipping?
  • Write them here.

Screencasting with Educreations

  • Register for Educreations as a student (CNYRUTR)
  • Join My Account
  • Create a quick lesson on finding volume
  • What were your thoughts?

Create with Explain Everything

  • Overview of Explain Everything
  • What's different than Educreations?
  • How can you use this in your classroom?
  • Let's look at some examples!
  • Project for the week (Discussion)

Explain Everything Tutorial

Explain Everything Tutorial

Screencast Example

Topic 15.3: Classifying Quadrilaterals