By: Jordan Mander

How is DNA involved in biotechnology?

Recombinant DNA is what is used in biotechnology. Recombinant is DNA in which one or more segments or genes have been inserted. DNA can also been used in biotechnology by detecting genetic disorders and cloning organisms.
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Insulin and peniculin

Insulin is a hormone made from the pancreas mainly used to help treat diabetes. Penicillin was the first drug to be used to effectively treat major diseases such as syphilis.

Environmental Clean-up

Environmental biotechnology is when biotechnology is used in nature. Environmental biotechnology is used to help lower carbon monoxide emissions.

Negative Impacts

One negative impact could e that we start to rely on it to much and then when it doesn't work we wouldn't know what to do. Another is that the information we gather could be false and that could hurt the environment instead of help it.
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Career in Biotechnology

In the career of Genetics you would use biotechnology to genetically alter foods and animals. You would also test outcomes of other foods and animals that have already been altered.