Grasslands biome

Val Marie


Val Marie is a little community in the grasslands biome, only 137 people live here. its a nice little community with activitys and events going on all the time, everyone is so nice and friendly.
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Val Marie has hot summers and cold winters like other places but its gets uo to 100° or higher in the summer and drops as low as -40° in winter. Val marie is breezy and chilly but always sunny, the average rainfall is about 10-35" a year.

Interesting facts about Val Marie

Val Marie has many fun events and community meetings, everyone knows eachother and holds a national park where visitors and residents can go and see the wildlife and do fun activitys.
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Food Chain

bison is a herbivore and it eats grass which is a producer, foxes which is a omnivore eats bison, hawks are carnivores and they eat small foxes and beatle which are decomposers.


Val Marie has many animals and all sorts of plants growing, for example their are wolves,jaguar,monkeys,coyotes,earthworms,ect. Val Marie is full of nature and even though it gets cold and hot the animals and plants adapt, their are plants everywhere in Val Marie like, shrubs,foxtail,ryegrass,needle grass,ect.
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