The Book Theif

Written by Markus Zusak

Here's a quick summary...

The book is narrated by Death in World war two, in Germany. Leisel Meminger gets on a train for Munich with her mother and brother, but her brother suddenly dies. when they bury the body, Leisel steals a book form a grave digger, even though she cannot read. She is sent to live with a foster family, of which she is skeptical at first, but grows to eventually. Her foster mother is a loving but strict woman, and her dad is a playful companion who teaches her to roll cigarettes and plays accordion. He teaches her how to read the gravediger's book. She also has a friend named rudy, a skinny boy whose hero is the American olympian Jesse Owens, and who pesters Leisel to kiss him. Leisel's family takes in a runaway jew named Max, and keeps him in their basement. When he becomes ill, Leisel is worried that she will lose him, too. He recovers, but soon after, When she is writing in her book in the basement, there is a bombing with no alarm, and most of the residents on he street die. Leisel is saved because she was in the basement, and Death, who had been watching, saves the book she had written. Adult Leisel Moves to Australia, has a family, and grows old. When Death comes to take her soul, he shows her the book she had written so long ago.
The Book Thief | Official Trailer #1 HD | 2014

This is the trailer for the movie, based on the book.


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