Dance Clubs

December Show!

Monday KS3 Dance- after school

KS3 dance students to be at dance club every Monday 3.00-4.00pm

There is only 4 weeks left before the show!

Monday 24th November- can all students stay till 4.30 in club this week.

Wednesday lunch- Lyrical contemporary

All dancers in Lyrical Contemporary to be at lunch club every week.

Additional rehearsal time will be allocated after school for this piece, please see Miss Dunn in lunch club to arrange this!

Thursday KS4 & KS5 Street Dance club

Miss Dunns Street dance club is now back on a Thursday not Friday due to clashes!

Thursday afterschool 3.00-5.00pm.... 2 hours to give the opportunity for any one in GCSE maths (3-4pm) to come straight to dance club meaning you don't miss out!!

Street piece will be in the December show!

Friday 28th November- Additional rehearsal 3.00-5.00

Friday Clubs

Friday will be used for addition rehearsal times- these can be discussed in your dance club if not already listed above.

4 weeks left until the December Christmas show!

All dances are coming along nicely and looking brilliant!