Cultural Meet 2013

See,Hear,Know Your Culture!!

About The Cultural Meet, 2013

The Cultural Meet 2013,as a cultural program has lots and lots of fun-filled exciting games,programs and activities which help you know more about your culture in an exciting way .To know more about the cultural meet 2013 please follow the link below;-

Some Examples By The Cultural Meet :-

We know that many countries have trade,cultural and socio-economical

relationships, Cultural relationships are many examples , as how we celebrate diwali in India ,Germans celebrate one of their greatest festivals,The Lichter Festival,Koln.We will know more about these relations in further sections following the given sites:-,

Examples Of Cultural Diversity and Relations In the World

As we have seen the cultural relations of the world are innumerable.We can see some

common features between the festivals of the World:-

  • Holi of India ,a mass gathered throwing of colors on each others and the La Tomatina a festival in Spain where the people as amass throw tomatoes against each other.
  • Calan Gaeaf , the first day of winter in Wales and Donghzhi Festival .
  • Flore de Mayo Flower festival in the Phillipines to that of Onam in India.