Arthropod Newsletter

by: Rodridguez Stuckey

Brown Recluse Spider

SCIENTIFIC NAJME: Loxoscles Reclusa.

NORMAL HABITAT: Biome type: they live in a web like in sheds,garage and baseboards.

GEOGRAPHIC HOME: these are some of the following places where you can find a brown recluse, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee etc.

DESCRIPTION: It has violet pattern (it is has similar markings to the cellar spider and pirate spider it only has six has no spines in the leg. its oval and has soft hairy body.

FEEEDING: eat cockroaches,fire brats, crickets, and crawling bugs. it traps there food in there web.

LIFE CYLCE: the can have 50 eggs in there sack. they hatch in about one month. each female produce a couple of eggs in there sack only for 3 months from May to July in occasions it can survive five seasons without. the spider does not molt (shed there skin)