How to Prevent Phishing

By, Kaitlyn King

Phishing is when someone tries to steal your personal information that you do not want to share through an email.

What Phishers are Phishing for:

  • bank information
  • passwords
  • credit cards
  • social security number
  • address
  • other emails

Tips To Prevent Phishing

  1. If it was the real company they would know you name. They would not say Dear customer.
  2. The email would not likely say, click this link to log in. The email would say go to our website.
  3. If you drag your mouse over the link, it will say what website they are sending you too.
  4. If it was a real company, there would be no spelling mistakes or slang words you use to text your friends.

Don't Get Hooked by Phishing