Most Exciting Fight

By: Victoria DiMarco and Erin Shy

Brooks-Sumner Incident

This was by far the most EPIC fight anyone has ever seen. Like any other fight it started with smack talk between representatives of the South and North over the expansion of slavery. Brook's uncle, a representative of the South claimed Sumner had sexual relations with a woman to which Sumner said "I DID NOT have sexual relations with that woman!". Later on, Sumner got a little drunk and threw shade at Brook's uncle saying "He talks funny". Brooks had none of that so he took his cane and beat Sumner DOWN. This caused MAJOR sectionalism between the North and South.

The Aftermath

Increase Sectional Tesion

This incident was used for propaganda. The North saw Southerners as violent people who would do anything to not allow an American their freedom. One the other hand, Southerners saw Brooks as a hero who could take down the North for trying to encroach on their right to own slaves.

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