The Civil War

My Favorite Thing in US History



The Civil War began due to the different opinions amongst the slave states, and the free states over the national government and its power to stop slavery in areas that had not yet become states. The North's victory over the South helped tie our broken United States back together, along with abolished slavery. However, this victory was not cheap, 625,000 lives were lost. The Civil War was one of the largest and most destructive wars our country has faced.



In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the election and was the first republican president that made a stand to keep slavery out of different territories. The seven slave states disagreed with Lincoln, and seceded from the union and formed a new nation known as the Confederate States of America. The Union, and Confederate States fought in combat over what they believed in.


  1. Jefferson Davis was elected as the president over the Confederate States.
  2. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865 at Fords Theatre in Washington DC.
  3. Some Technological Innovations: Naval Mines and Torpedos, Ironclad Warships, The Gatling Gun, Long Range Weapons and the Minie Bullet, Railroads, Telegraph, and The Camera.


I chose the Civil War not only because I enjoyed this topic, but it was also a very memorable time period in our nation's history. New technological advancements came about, along with a decision that helped unite America as a whole.