The Sydeny Opera House

By: Gabrielle Templeton


What makes the Sydney opera house so special? It's a fascinating place with many uses. Making the Sydney opera house was a hard project. The architect Jørn Utzon was very talented and creative. There is many events taken inside and out of the monument.
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complexity of making the sydney opera house

The making of the sydney house was very complex. The roof of the sydney opera house is shaped like multiple sails atop of a massive red granite platform. The technical challenge of how to construct the roof sails took 4 years to solve. The sydney opera house took 16 years to build out of everything the roof took the most time to build. Most of the world admires the time took to build this monument. Since1973 it has attracted worldwide for its design.
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The architect was a very talented person.

The architect Jørn Utzon was admired all over for his design of the sydney opera house. Jørn Utzon was rejected by 3 different judges for his design in 1956. Mr. utzon also won £5,000 for his creation. Mr. utzon never even visited the sight of where the sydney opera house would take place before he made his model of it. He was resigned as chief architect of the opera house in february 1966. Utzon was awarded the gold medal of the royal institute of architects australia.
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alot of events take place at the sydney opera house each year.

Sydney opera house has had a lot if events take place there is a estimate amount of 3,000 events a year every year. Its events have an annual audience of two million guests every time. The largest of seven venues, the concert all, has 2,679 seats for guests in it. He building is opened to the public 363 days a year closing only on Christmas and Good friday. The smallest of seven venues is the utzon room which holds approximately 210 people.
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In conclusion the sydney opera house is an amazing, beautiful monument with a lot of amazing events. Its very old and the construction was very complex. and alot of events take place a year there.

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