Heroes in the Workplace

Payton Cupstid & Mackenzie Sork


Heroism dosen't come from any supernatural powers, or fame and fortune, but instead it comes form the drive people have for justice and for the safety of others.


Chesley B. Sullenberger

  • January 15, 2009
  • US Airways Flight 1549- headed to Charlotte, NC with 150 passengers
  • 2 failed engines
  • Did not have enough time to go back to LaGuardia Airport
  • Landed on the Hudson River
  • Became the first pilot to successfully land a commercial plane on water

  • Becoming pilot- passionate about serving others
  • Took full responsibility of landing the plane- Confidence/Concern for others
  • Took a risk in order to ensure the safety of others
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U.S. Veterans

Army Command Sargent Major Bennie G. Adkins & Army Specialist Donald P. Sloat

  • US Army Base was under attack
  • Immediate evacuation was ordered
  • Refused to leave his men behind
  • Stayed at the camp to help his men
  • Once they reached the evacuation sight there was no helicopter
  • Took charge and led the rest of his men to continue to fight the enemy
  • Fought for 48 hours until they were rescued


  • Durring combat a grenade was thrown towards Sloat and his fellow soldiers
  • Sloat jumped on top of the grenade to protect the others from the explosion
  • Explosion was fatel but the soldiers in the surrounding area survived

These two men were both recognized with the Medal of Honor in September of 2014.

  • Bravery
  • Selflessness
  • Passion/concern for others
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Ms. Victoria Soto

  • 1st grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary
  • December 14, 2013
  • When the gunman, Adam Lanza, entered her room she lunged toward him
  • Soto took the bullets for her children-her body saved them

  • Bravery
  • Passion for others
  • Selflessness


  • Each of these people listed had an intention to protect others
  • Innate for humans to be concerned with themselves, but these people defied nature
  • “The key to heroism is a concern for other people in need” -Zimbardo
  • Philip Zimbardo- world-renowned famous psychology professor at Stanford University

The heroes that impact the world today are the one’s who desire the best for others and the least for themselves.