A1 Digital Innovation

Airwatch, Secure Content Locker and App Downloads

What is Airwatch?

Airwatch is a mobile device manager that will help us distribute apps to all of your iPads. We currently are sending apps to all teachers as one group, but soon we will be sending apps to certain groups of teachers (for example math teachers will be the only ones to receive math apps). We will also have the capability to send iPad iOS updates to your iPad so you never have to think about updating the software on your iPad. Airwatch will make it much easier for you to keep your iPad running correctly so that it will always be available for use in your classroom.

COMING SOON: Airwatch Secure Content Locker

The Airwatch Secure Content Locker is cloud storage space that will be available soon on each of your iPads. This will give you a space to store and share files with each other. The district office and your principal will be able to send important documents to you through the content locker, making it easy to update to the latest version of documents.
The iPad Air comes with the following apps that can be downloaded for free from the App Store:

  • Pages: word processing app similar to Word
  • Numbers: spreadsheet app similar to Excel
  • Keynote: presentation app similar to PowerPoint
  • iMovie: movie making app that can incorporate photos, videos, music and voice
  • iPhoto: photo editing app
  • GarageBand: music creation app

Many of these apps will be essential to using the iPad to the fullest potential. If you received a new iPad Air, make sure to download these apps today.

If you have an iPad2, the district will be purchasing these apps for you. Look for them to be pushed out through Airwatch in the next few weeks!


Contact Kristen Hearne if you have any questions.