The Banana Diet

Famous around Asian parts and used by actress Seo-In-Young

The Diet

  • Breakfast consists of 1-2 bananas and 2 cups of water
  • Lunch consist of healthy and non greasy Korean meal
  • Snack consist 1/2 to 1 banana
  • Dinner consists of Korean meal

Banana Diet Rules

  • Eat banana for breakfast
  • Drink only water
  • Eat what one want for lunch and dinner with no dessert
  • Around 3 o'clock, you may enjoy a treat
  • Not allow to eat past 8 o' clock
  • Don't sleep past midnight
  • Avoid eating chips, doughnuts, ice cream (mainly because they are addictive)


  • Don't eat past 6 o'clock
  • Exercise for half an hour
  • Meals (Lunch & Dinner) have to fit on a small plate


  • FREEDOM!! being able to eat what one want for lunch and dinner
  • No exercise unless you want to include it into your diet


  • No portion limits one may gain weight
  • No exercise required so one may have a slow weight loss
  • No calories limits so one may eat high calorie dense foods

About the Diet

  • The banana diet is one of the easiest diets to follow.
  • This diet is safe
  • The diet doesn't require any portions size or calories limitations so some people may gain weight or have slow progress.
  • The diet prevents people from overeating but not on your portions per meal.
  • The only thing people need to worry about is only calories contents and portion size for lunch, dinner, and snack

Nutrition Value

  • This diet can have a lot of nutrition if you decide to put it in your own meal. For example having Nuts and seeds for snacks.

Recommended Food/Snacks