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Book - Vocabulary Now!

Vocabulary Now! is a new book written by Valerie Auer and Marguerite Hartill. In this resource the authors compiled 44 strategies that can be used to teach and reinforced vocabulary. Each strategy includes an explanation of its purpose, directions on how to use it and examples. Some of the strategies in the book that can be immediately applied are shared below.
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+ Academic Vocabulary = Improved Comprehension

Alphabet Connection

Make a foldable "alphabet chart" and ask the students to write the topic you are studying in the center or at the top of the chart. Ask them to brainstorm (individually) as many words as they can that connect with the topic or key word, using the letters of the alphabet. A digital version can be made with the whole class using a padlet.

Highlight and Replace

The students will work in pairs or small groups. The teacher selects two reading passages related to a unit of study, highlights some academic words (no transitional or signal words) and asks the students to read to each other the passages. The students will not read the highlighted words, but will substitute them with and explanation, synonym, antonym or description of the word.

Illustrated Text

The students will fold a sheet of paper lengthwise and will label one side "Written Text" and the other "Illustrated Text". On one side, the students will copy verbatim sections of a text that contain target vocabulary words in context; on the other, they will create a visual illustrating the target term. Working in pairs they will use the visual cues as a guide for defining and retelling.

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