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Honestly This Is The Best Option For Acne Hands Down

Coconut Oil For Acne
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Honestly This Is The Best Option For Acne Hands Down

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Coconut Oil For Acne- Acne is somehow normal for teens, but for someone approaching twenties it is a nightmare, why? Mature teens make new friends, create some profile, but with dark and red spots on your face, your personality might be compromised. Some people might not view it as a healthy skin condition, and the worst part is that acne may hide your real beauty.

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It is simply a skin complication popular with teens. Acne results from hormonal shifts during puberty. As a result of hormonal changes, there is an excess production of cells and oil in the skin follicle. The cells and oils stimulate the opening of the pore that makes the follicle beneath swells.

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Swelling of the follicle leads to the growth of skin bacteria known to produce chemical substances. These substances in turn stimulate inflammation and as a result, we can see the pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, hard pimples, lesions filled with puss and more.

Acne can be caused by shifting hormones, poor diet, inherited genes, stress and lastly infections. Acne commonly affects the face, upper chest and back. Acne can permanently damage your skin if not treated in time, why? Having acne on your skin means pricking, piercing, and pinching.

Unlike other skin complications, acne doesn't require strong and expensive medications. There are more than enough acne medications on the market, but if you are looking for something that is free of harsh chemicals and safe for your skin then coconut oil, would make the right choice.


Apart from being the safest treatment for acne, coconut oil is proven to work best in keeping the skin healthier and moisturized. Over the years, coconut oil has been used as a remedy for skin disorders, an anti-aging creams, skin softeners and more.

Coconut oil is well known to prevent bacteria, fungal and microbial infections, making it the best remedy for acne. It also prevents the breakouts and soothes the inflammation that is usually a sign of severe acne. It also works efficiently in relieving red, dry skin that is common in the advanced stages of severe acne.

One of the reasons coconut oil was used as an anti-aging cream is because coconut oil can heal the skin, hence prevent the scars from forming as a result of minor skin injuries. Coconut contains several acids that include, Capric, Lauric, and Caprylic acid. It also has Vitamin E and K.

A combination of these acids and the vitamins acts efficiently on the skin, ensuring that no scars are formed on the skin as a result of acne. Coconut oil does nothing better than keeping the skin healthier, smoother and vibrant.

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Among the benefits of using coconut oils on the skin is its ability to get rid of any ugly marks that might occur as a result of minor injuries, acne being one of the cause. Coconut oil for acne fights infections and heal scars, making it the best remedy for acne.

Coconut oil, on the skin, kills bacteria on the skin, prevents swelling of the follicles and more. It also helps to clear the pores hence improves the metabolism that in turn helps in hormonal balance. Being able to fight infections and clear the pores, makes it the best remedy for acne, since clogged pores, and bacterial infections are the main culprits when it comes to acne infection.


Compared to other medications in the market, there are no risks associated with using coconut oils. It is the safest, and the best part is that it does not contain chemicals that might further damage your skin. The other good thing about coconut oil for acne is that it doesn't smell or taste unpleasant, and it can work for some time without losing its properties. The fact that it doesn't become rancid makes it the best ingredient for most of the skin care products available in the market today.


Coconut oils come with several compounds that are vital in curing acne. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and lastly acids that work best to ensure that the effects of acne are reduced completely. The proteins in the coconut oil keep the skin rejuvenated and healthy. Proteins also improve cellular health and most importantly stimulates tissue repair that is a requirement when it comes to healing scars that result from acne.

The proteins ensure that the damaged skin cells are replaced at a regular rate, hence acts faster in curing the scars. Coconut oils also contain Lauric/Capric/Caprylic acid that functions as disinfectants and prevents infections by microbes that usually attack and enter the body through the wounds on the skin.

Other notable compositions of coconut oils are the saturated fats. These fats keep the skin smooth and also retains the moisture that is frequently lost through the pores on the skin and as a result, they keep the skin moisturized..


Among the worst effects of acne are scars. These scars result from the dark heads and white heads. Taking coconut as a cure for acne heals the minor injuries and clears the spots on the skin leaving the skin clear and smooth. Coconut oil contains caprylic, lyric, Capric acid and lastly vitamin E. The vitamins and the acids work together to heal and prevent the new scars from forming making coconut oils the best remedy for acne.

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Unlike other medications, the coconut oil can be applied to the skin or taken orally to cure acne. Taking coconut oils improves the immune system and, as a result, plays a bigger role in keeping the body as healthy as possible.

Taking coconut oil orally also helps to speed up the metabolism required for proper body functioning that in turn maintains the required levels of body hormones in the body. Using coconut as a treatment for acne involves taking 2 to 6 spoonfuls of coconut oil daily or mixing the coconut oil with food or drink.

It can also be applied to the areas affected to reduce the effects of acne, heal the affected area and lastly to unclog the pores hence improving metabolism. For maximum results, coconut oils should be taken before, and after bed and for the advanced stages of acne, it should be taken three times or four times daily.

Research shows that the results of using coconut oil for acne treatment may show as early as two to three weeks making it the fastest and the most convenient acne treatment. Coconut oil works best for all adults, including teens and kids.


What makes coconut the best remedy for acne is that it can also be used as food, but will still act as a cure for acne. Eating coconut oil daily, improves the immune system, the skin tone and lastly prevents the bacteria that are the common cause of acne. Coconut oils are also rich in proteins. These proteins repair the cells, hence keeps the skin looking healthy.

Coconut oil is beneficial both as food and as a remedy for most skin disorders. Coconut oil has been among the best options for skin care products, massage oil and also edible oil. It is an all natural product, making it safer to use and most importantly, it works faster compared to other acne treatments on the market. It was used in the past, but up to date, it hasn't lost its credibility yet. Coconut oil has remained the best and highly recommended for acne treatment.
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