It's not big to make others feel small

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when you bully somebody electronically on social media.

Examples of Cyberbullying

  • posting mean comments about somebody.
  • posting pictures of a person.
  • hacking somebody's account.

Three differences between Cyberbullying


  1. teasing
  2. name calling
  3. threatening

  1. texting
  2. emails
  3. rumors

Effects of Cyberbullying

  • suicide
  • sadness
  • depression
  • health problems
  • skipping school, dropout, decreasing grades

Prevention & Awareness

  • monitor the kids accounts
  • stop the kids when they see it happen the first time
  • make them deactivate their accounts
  • block the bullies
  • let someone know that can stop it