my digital identity

how I got into the digital world

How I got on the digital world (0-1)

Before I was born my dad posted pictures of my mom pregnant which is the start of my digital identity.Then after when I was born the hospital took record of height,weight,health and birth. they been monitoring my height,weight and health for a week then I got out. Then after I got to go to peoples house and took pictures which then were uploaded on social media (gmail,hotmail and yahoo).

Digital world (2-5)

When I was two years old, I started talking and saying words like ma, ba, dada and pronounced yellow like "lellow". Also I went on my first trip to Vancouver, BC. After that, I went on a few other trips like India. I got a stamp every time I went to a different place. The airport keeps track of the places where I have gone.

Digital world (6-9)

When I was 6 years old, I started to play more computer games and opened my first email account. Then I started to take lots of extra curricular activities like soccer and swimming which they track the progress by how well I'm doing and if i can move to the next level or not.

Digital world (10-12)

When I was 10 I started to do my homework on the computer . Then later on I stared to research to do my homework (assignment and projects) and now I hand in my work on the computer (d2l) and do my work on websites like Smore,gmail,pictochart and many more.