Coffee Chat on Wednesday!!

Wednesday February 17, 2016

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Friday's Coffee Chat newsletter is making an appearance 2 days early...what, what?! Exciting contest announced today on our Team Facebook page and will last for one week!



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Call it the mountain air from my weekend ski vacation, but my energy level is high! I am yearning for warmer weather! I want to have a ton of FUN with you over the next week before I leave for my Glam Getaway for Jamaica!


We are mixing up our BOOKING contest and thought it would be MORE BLISSFUL to swap out the grand prize for 3 fun NEW PRIZES from the Summer Preview Collection! Any brand NEW in home February or March show will get added to our tracker!

  • At the 20th show—entries 1-20 can win the new PAVE EAR CLIMBERS (you choose the color!)
  • At the 30th show—entries 1-30 can win the versatile ENAMEL NECKLACE
  • At the 40th show- entries 1-40 can win the City Slim Clutch



We are going to SHINE the LIGHT on sponsoring this week with a little friendly cross team SMACKDOWN and see how many women we can invite to the Stylist Sneak Peek that I am hosting on Sunday and how many we will sponsor as a team!

We are competing with the 4 Dream Chaser Leaders with whom I pace with to see which team can invite the most women to this chat! The competing teams are

Golden Gems led by Gina Bogda

Haute Dots led by Samantha Ballard

Team TrailBLAZERS led by Kristi Reid Perras

Wine Country Sparkle led by Sarah Loftus

Bella Gemma led by Andrea Seeney

As a team, we will track points - here is how they will break down:

  • Every Stylist on our team who PERSONALLY invites 10 potentials to Sunday's Stylist Sneak Peek will earn the team 1 point. Your prospective stylist could win an ENGRAVABLE BAR NECKLACE. I am also sweetening the POT because I want our GOLDEN GEMS to win. For every team member who completes the REACH OUT TO 10 challenge gets entered to win the Summer Preview $50 product credit. Personally invite 20, get 2 raffles! Personally invite 30, get 3 raffles and so on.
  • Any team members added to our team between now and Sunday will earn our team 2 points!

We will come up with a team who wins the SMACKDOWN challenge based on the points system and the losing 4 team leaders will record their punishment on video next week in Jamaica at Glam! Eeek!


Let's have some FUN in Feb, breathe some life into this month, and help change other people’s lives by offering the GIFT we have as Stylists!!

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Check out some of these great examples. Use them as is or make them your own and edit!

Hey Kate!! I hope all is well. I just thought of you and how fun it would be to grab some ladies together for some pre-Oscar Stella & Dot style! We can play with all of the new spring jewels and watch the pre-party. I have 3-5 pm available on the 28th. Thoughts?

Hey Kate! How fun that we have an extra day this month. I was thinking I would love to show you and your friends the gorgeous spring day on LEAP day! A little LEAP INTO SPRING! We can do bagels and bling in the morning with school friends or a happy hour that evening. Thoughts?

Happy Hump Day! I just saw your super cute post of X! I would love an excuse to have a glass of wine with you & catch up!! Our new Stella & Dot Spring Collection just launched and it's soooo YOU!! Let's get some girlfriends together for a fun happy hour & I'll bring all my goodies over! I just had Feb 25 open up or we could do Feb 26 too!! This way everyone can get what they really wanted for Valentine's Day!! LOL. I will call to see what you think!

Hey there! I am so glad to see the sun this afternoon and I know you are too! Thanks so much again for shopping with me in January! Hope you're still loving that bracelet :) I am sure you know that this year is a Leap Year - so we get an extra day this month! And I think it would be so fun to do a "Leap Into Style" trunk show on the 29th! It will be 4 years before I can do a show on that date again! Are you free that night? Let's grab some friends and some bubbly and start thinking WARM!!! xo Lauren

Hi Sara! Happy February ! I love this sunshine after all of the snow! Did you see that Stella & Dot’s new Spring line launched? It is our best line yet. I would love to reschedule your show, now that the hectic holidays are behind us. What do you think? A fun style session with your girlfriends? Let me know if you are up for it and if so which would work best: Pre-Oscar Stylist on Feb 28th or maybe Thursday March 3rd for some “Wine, Cheese & Jewelry please” I will give you a call to see what you think. Chat soon! Gina

Hi Lauren, Happy February! I love this sunshine after all of the snow! I am sitting her opening up some of my new jewelry samples and brainstorming of ladies to be my debut hostesses. Are you familiar with Stella & Dot? We are a super cute line of jewelry, handbags, scarves and more but not your typically “home party kind of business”. Our brand is fun and easy. I bring my samples and you gather your girlfriends. Our hostesses earn free jewelry and shopping at 50% off. I handle all of the invites too! There are no icky presentations and our product ships directly to your guests (which means no sorting & delivering for you!). Like I said, easy, breezy and fun for our hostesses. I have several dates left for later this month and was wondering if you would be willing to give it a whirl. It would be fun! I will call to check in! Best Gina

Hi Lianne Happy February! I love this sunshine after all of the snow! I ironically saw you walking through your neighborhood on Sunday! I was watching my niece Sophia, picked her up at Tracy’s house and then drove by your family. Did you see that Stella & Dot’s new Spring line launched? It is our best line yet. I am looking for ladies to help me debut our newest line and wondered if you could be interested. A fun style session with your girlfriends? “Bagels & Bling" or maybe some “Wine, Cheese & Jewelry please”? There are many fun options. Our shows are easy breezy—everything ships to the guests and minimal planning required. Let me know if you would be up for it, or I can give you a call to see what you think. Chat soon! Gina

Hi Tanya!
Happy birthday month to you!! I had a great idea about how to celebrate your birthday! What do you say we plan a fun girls get together to celebrate YOU? I know I always struggle to try and think of something to do for my girlfriends around their birthday so why not get your friends off the hook and invite them over? They don’t have to do anything other than SHOP FOR THEMSELVES!!! When they do, you’ll earn rewards so it’s a win, win for everyone. What do you say to a super low key night this month – you invite the girls and I’ll bring over the cupcakes (and of course the BRAND NEW SPRING COLLECTION) – my gift to you!
Let me know if you would be up for it, or I can give you a call to see what you think. Chat soon!

Hey Sheri!!Hope you are doing well Girl! Just wanted to follow up as it’s a FUN time for a girls night in with Valentine’s day around the corner and our gorgeous new Spring Collection that just launched! Would be lovely to hang out with you and your girlfriends for the evening and get you some free bling - you are super stylish and FUN! I have Fri Feb 25th or Sat Feb 20th open for a girls night - and will bring a bottle of wine and some chocolate! What do you think!?

WORDS TO SAY examples for inviting gals to Sunday's chat

Hi Kate, You might think I am crazy but I think you’d really have fun doing this with me and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this with you! You know I like the fashion and flexibility around the kiddos schedule, plus it is just so darn fun and feels good. You know what else is fun?….. being able to pay those bills from the holidays! It’s a new year and it’s fun to try new things so I thought I’d just have some courage to text you. If you are a little intrigued, I’d love to invite you to an online Facebook chat this Sunday night. And don’t worry if you aren't interested at all I won’t be offended….. we can just book a trunk show. Thoughts??

Hi! I went through my list of friends and realized you would be on my Dream Team if I got to pick who I wanted to be on this amazing journey with me. I've been a Stella &Dot Stylist for two years, and now that I've participated in this journey..I am more excited than ever to build a team and share what I know. This is more a community than a company.. And the experience continues to be fun and adventurous! No sales experience needed, and I've found that representing a company that's motivated to help you succeed is truly wonderful! Wearing awesome jewelry is an added bonus! Join me... This Facebook event is LIVE and will be hosted by my upline Director. If you have ever wanted to try something new, and you love gorgeous jewelry ... And you could use an extra $500-$1000/month... Just reply that you are GOING.. And you can jump on and ask questions.. And find out about the details. I took the leap two years ago, and it's been such a FUN journey....join me, or just check it out...... I hope you don't mind that I thought of you... This is truly a group of FABULOUS women! Let me know if you would like to join in and I will have you added.

I hope you are doing well and enjoy the long holiday weekend! So, this is going to sound totally out of left field, but I know you love accessories (just like me), so I had to reach out to invite you to an event this Sunday night to learn more about Stella & Dot - in case you're the littlest bit intrigued. This Facebook event is LIVE and will be hosted by my upline Director and mom to 3 kiddos. All you have to do is reply that you are GOING and you can be a fly on the wall or if you want, participate and ask lots of questions! Just so you know...I hear no all the time, so if you are like NO FREAKING WAY, that's totally OK! lol! However, join here if you're at all intrigued!

Hi Becky!
I have no idea if you would be interested in becoming a stylist, but there is so much opportunity and YOU would be great!
I just invited you to a Virtual Meet Stella & Dot Event for this Sunday night. Just click going or maybe to see the posts. It will be super casual, so grab a drink and follow along...easy to do while you are doing other's all through FB. And, if you attend you may win a free piece of jewelry from our Spring Collection! Jump on if you can:

REMEMBER-- Sunday's FACEBOOK chat is a private event so message me or your upline. We will add you to the event page and then you can add your guests!

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xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!