Odds and Ends

September 19th

Transition Words

When writing small moments, we are encouraging the children to include some of their transition words:




After that...


This Week's Stations

The children have a 2 hour "Station Rotation" that they work through each day while we are having reading groups. The activities are reviews from previously taught lessons. This week during "Station Rotation," the children:

...will work on a following direction activity

...will copy a sentence, correct the boo boos, and draw/color a picture to match

...will look at pictures and determine how many syllables are in each word

---will draw a picture of their choice and determine syllables

...will answer a question (ex: What is your favorite...) and elaborate with additional


...will write spelling words

---will work on activities involving the "at" word family

Lunch Requests

If you have not completed the information sent home last week in regard to the purchase of "extra items" at lunch, please do so at your earliest convenience.