Wes-Del Elementary Summer News

July, 2016

Online Registration Begins

Online registration will be opened on July 22snd for parents/guardians. In order to register, you will follow the information on the Family Access letter/email that was sent to you. Starting this school year, you will be required to have an email address to access all family members within the corporation with one access code.

If you do not have an email account, our computer labs will be open for obtaining an email and completing registration on July 26 from 1:00-7:00 PM and on July 27th from 8:00 AM-noon.

Those who have completed registration online will still need to come in to pay book rental or to fill out forms for free and reduced textbook rental. There will be a paper health form to complete; this information will follow the students on field trips to ensure teachers have important information on hand should the need occur.

Remember, only those listed on the emergency contact list will be allowed to pick up your child from school. Please list these people on your registration information. In the event you wish for your child to be picked up by someone other than those listed, you will need to call the office by 1:30 PM. This is to keep us informed and ensure your child's safety.

Jump Start Kindergarten

There will be a Jump Start kindergarten program beginning on July 26th and ending on August 2nd. It is for students who want an early start to kindergarten. This opportunity was funded by the By 5 grant in Delaware Co.

Back to School Celebration

All students and their families are invited to attend a Back to School Celebration on August 4th from 6:00-7:00 PM. Children can meet their teacher, bring their school supplies and enjoy a treat provided by our PTO organization. This makes our first day of school run more smoothly for our children. You can come in anytime during the 6:00-7:00 PM hour.

Book Rental Costs

The 2016-2017 School Book Rental prices are as follows:

Kindergarten $112.07

First Grade $102.00

Second Grade $114.93

Third Grade $127.28

Fourth Grade $149.60

Fifth Grade $141.10

If you are unable to make the full payment and are not applying for free and reduced textbook rental, you may arrange to make payments between August and November.

Title I Targeted School

Our school receives Title I funding from the state through a grant written yearly. This

program allows us to hire highly qualified individuals who work with students, who are one year or more below grade level. We serve students in the areas of reading and math. Each year, we are required to send notice to all parents within our school that we receive Title I funding. In order to participate in this grant, all of our teachers must be highly qualified, and it is your right to ask to see a copy of their license. The Title I staff will work with your child in their classroom and provide them more instruction than their peers receive. If your child is selected to receive services, you will be notified.

School Times and Dismissal

Our school day begins at 8:20 AM and ends at 2:50 PM. Please see that your child arrives on time, and try to avoid picking them up early. If your dismissal changes, please, send in a note to your child's teacher. Also, call the school early in the day before 1:30, so we have time to notify your child and their teacher. The end of the day is not a good time to call in, and we may miss being able to notify students.

When dropping off your child, pull all the way up as far as possible. Avoid using the front parking area and never drive your car across this lane as students are walking into the school. Students can also use the sidewalk to walk up to the school doors. Thank you also for being watchful as parents park in the second set of parking lanes to let their students walk in. We want everyone to remain safe.

Visitors to the School

All visitors, including parents/guardians, will need to ring the buzzer (located to the left of the door) for entry into the school. The person at the desk will ask politely who you are and who you are here to see. We have some parents who are not allowed on school grounds following court orders, and we have others helping in the office that are not as familiar with all people who normally visit our school. We ask you to report directly to the office area and not walk down the hallway. Keep in mind, we will be asking everyone entering the building. Please do not take offense to this new procedure as we are concerned with our students' safety.

Student Handbooks

All students will receive a student handbook on the first day of school. Parents are asked to sign the online form stating that the handbook will be reviewed with your child at home. All students in first through fifth grade will attend a school meeting on the first day to go over guidelines. Kindergarten students will be visited by the administration on the first day to meet with them as a class to explain age appropriate information.


We encourage parent and community volunteers. All volunteers whether it be to work in a classroom or attend a field trip will need to have a limited criminal history check on file. If you are planning on going on a school field trip, you will need to have that limited criminal history check done one month before the trip. If you as a parent/guardian are thinking of volunteering for any event, we ask that you take care of these forms at the beginning of the school year. There will be no exceptions to that rule. Forms last for two years, so please call in if you are in doubt that your name is on our approved list. This must be done before a field trip or volunteering takes place. We appreciate your cooperation.

Fall Pictures

Fall pictures occur early this year on August 19th. All students will have pictures taken for the yearbook. Order forms will be sent home with your child.

ISTEP Access to Your Child's Scores

If you are a parent of a fourth, or fifth grader a letter is included with this mailing that gives you the online access code to your child's test results.