Pride Point Parade

January 18-22

What is your DREAM?

From his now famous speech, "I have a Dream"..Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to millions of people about a new tomorrow- a time for equality. If you have never watched this video, take a moment to watch this with your family. One man's wish- although we may not be living to the fullest of equality- it is definitely better than that of the 1960's.
So, what is your dream? What problem(s) can you tackle and what would be the solution? Do you have the guts to tell others about it? Make 2016 a time to 'dream'- to make these ideas a reality. It may not happen overnight, but your voice may be all that needs to be spoken to get the ball rolling! Dream on....

Coming this week...

Monday- Holiday- No School

Tuesday- NEW Majors Begins- Please make sure you turn in your Majors Fees

Wednesday- District Wide Writing Assessment

BETA Meeting from 2:30-3:30


Friday- Read with the Gamecocks log due to Mrs. Byrd Fort

What's Happening in Our Classes?

Math- Introduction to Fractions

Science- Study of Ocean Floor

ELA- Literature Circles with Stone Fox, Argumentative Essay Strategies, Word Study

Social Studies- The Great War (WWI)