Political Cartoon Project

Matthew Weihing Carter Lacy

Cartoon name and date published: "You can do a favor for me-Rub out any gun control legislation," August 7, 1980

Subject: The people with money control congress

Context: The NRA recently gained political power during the Reagan campaign

Exaggeration: The NRA Handgun Lobby guy is a mobster

Analogy: It compares the NRA to mobsters

Irony: Congressman is not in control

Purpose: To mock the Congressmen controlled by lobbyists

Cartoon name and date of publication: "I don't know where your socks are, and if you keep coming in here with that cigar I'm going to call OSHA," January 5, 2000

Subject: Companies are now responsible for their employees’ health and safety

Context: OSHA recently passed a law making companies responsible for the health and safety of their employees

Symbolism: Treat employees as if they were in your home

Exaggeration: They draw possibly the worst-scenario employee

Analogy: Comparing taking care of your employees to taking care of your family

Purpose: To illustrate the new law passed by OSHA

Cartoon name and date of publication: "Said Alice . . . 'It's the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life," October 31, 1999

Subject: Campaigns for the 2000 presidential election

Context: Created during the campaigns for the 2000 presidential election

Symbolism: The three candidates are compared to Alice in Wonderland characters to match their personalities

Exaggeration: Being called the stupidest tea party she’s ever been to.

Labeling: Donald Trump, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan

Irony: In the movie the tea party was exciting, but in the cartoon it is boring

Purpose: To insult the candidates