Hamlet Background Information

By Cory Tacosik

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in England on April 23, 1564. He was married to a lady named Anne Hathaway. He had three children named Hamnet, Judith, and Susanna. Hament and Judith were twins but both of them died at a very young age. By 1597, he had authored 15 of the 37 plays. He also built the largest open air amphitheater in London.

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Shakespeare's words

William Shakespeare influence a lot of the english language that we use today. He almost 3,000 words to the english language. His plays consist of 884,429 words. He was great with words and the english language.
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King Claudius

Claudius is a main character in the book Hamlet. He is the King and does not like Hamlet. He is the antagonist of the story.

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Hamlet takes place in Denmark

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