Ms. Dunkin's Classroom

August 10th- 14th


I am so excited to begin this year with your student. I can not wait to get to know each and every child. I have planned this year in a way that your student will learn and grow while enjoying the learning process. A huge part of this process is you! Please partner with me in ensuring your student's success. I will be sending home a newsletter like this weekly in your student's daily folder so that you can stay updated on classroom activities. This daily folder will also be used for homework, school send outs, and a behavior chart. If you ever need to send a note or money, please place it in the "money pouch" located in the front of your child's daily folder. This is going to be a wonderful year!!!

Rules, Rewards, and Consequences

I expect all students to follow the classroom rules. Students who follow the rules will be rewarded while there will be consequences if a student chooses to make a poor decision. All students will begin the day on the color green. Students will have opportunities to move up to "higher" colors for good behavior or down to "lower" colors for poor decisions. I will mark the students behavior daily in the behavior log located in the daily folder.

  • Be Kind
  • Follow Directions
  • Walk Quietly
  • Raise your Hand
  • Keep Hands, Feet, and Other Objects to Yourself


  • Gold Star- Positive Phone Call to Guardian, Announcement of Good Behavior on Intercom, Treasure Chest
  • Blue- Positive Note about Good Behavior to Guardian
  • Green- Start of Day
  • Yellow- Verbal Warning
  • Orange- Miss Five Minutes of Recess, Note of Concern to Parents
  • Red- Miss Ten Minutes of Recess, Parent Phone Call, Office Referral

Contact the Teacher

Free Period:
Monday-Friday 10:30-11:15
Friday 1:20-2:00
If these times do not work for you, please contact me and I will do my best to work with your schedule.