Ethel Martha Norman

My great grandmother

A Little to Know About Ethel

My Great Grandmother was born with the maiden name of Norman, but was married to Joseph Link on 3/22/1936, so Ethel was 19 when she was married . With Joseph link, Ethel had four children named Jan, Judith, James, and Joan. Soon Joseph Link died (date unknown) and Ethel married someone named Donald Smith. He was not nearly as great as Joseph and no one really likes him. Later Donald died as well and that left Ethel alone but with her family.

Ethel's profession.

Was Ethel in the Military? Ethel was not in any sort of military service, but her husband was. Ethel moved all over The country so she could be with him at the Naval biases. Ethel's profession was a seamstress. She worked with clothing and I geuss it runs in the family because Ethel did it, My Grandmother did it, My mother did it and now I do!

Some silly memories

Ethel was very funny and had some crazy ideas and actions. One time our family was having a family dinner and everyone including Ethel was there. During this event Joane and James were arguing and it began to really frustrate Ethel. So it turned out that that very night, they were having spagheti and meatballs. So once Ethel,had had enough, she grabbed the large bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and chucked it at the wall. Another funny event was the day that Ethel brought back a skunk to her house. Yep that's right, a skunk for a pet, and of course, only Ethel would think of this.
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