Excellence in Education

excellence: being exceptionally good

Growing Ourselves Professionally

Miss Teacher, Miss Teacher, reflective thinker. How does your teaching grow?

How can a teacher truly change his or her daily practice? How can professional development become more personal and directly impact teaching?

The only way we become "excellent" in the pedagogy of teaching is to continue to seek ways to improve and reflect upon ourselves. Seek new strategies. Examine our daily habits and choices in the classroom.

Be really honest with yourself. Ask yourself tough questions.

How can I be the very best version of myself in the classroom everyday? What areas do I need to strengthen? How can I BE BETTER for MY STUDENTS?


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WONDER strategy for Daily Reflection

6 letters in 6 Minutes...Give it a try!

Join Twitter for Professional Learning

Twitter is one of the best ways to grow in the teaching profession. You are able to follow and learn from people all over the world. If you are not using Twitter as a personal Professional Development tool, I encourage you to start.

Here are just a few suggestions of people and groups to follow:






Julie Enlow

Sapulpa Public Schools

Elementary Instructional Coach