Freak the Mighty

Facing Reality

Title of Book

The title "Freak the Mighty" relates to facing reality. How? Facing reality backs up the word freak. It shows that people consider Kevin a freak. It shows that he needs to see that freak isn't just a nickname for himself. It's a label by society.

Man vs. Society

When you face reality, you face society. Whatever you do, society is there to watch. Everyone made fun of Kevin and Max for their looks and their personality. Until "Freak the Mighty" was considered cool, then did kids stop making fun of them.

Example: On he first day of 8th grade, Max came into the school with Kevin on his shoulders. Kids were making fun of them and were laughing.


Max is a big 8th grader who is very sensitive. He doesn't learn things as easily as other people. He becomes best friends with Kevin.

Kevin "Freak"

Kevin is a small 8th grader that has a physical growth problem. He is very smart and is always riding on top of Max's shoulders. He encourages Max to read and to learn new things.


Gwen is the over protective mother of Kevin. She is very nice, smart, and beautiful. Kevin calls her the Fair Gwen.

Character's Remarks/Actions

Max- His actions usually speak louder than his words. He understands reality. He understands why is dad is in jail and why his life is like this. Some of his remarks to Grim and Gram go to prove that he knows what facing reality means. Also, he knows that he has a learning disability. He doesn't try to run from it or hide it. "I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his." Facing reality is something he can grasp.

Kevin- Facing reality seems like something that he doesn't want to do. Kevin knows that he could possibly die. He makes up a fantasy to believe and it makes him feel better about his sickness. By the eye he may not have been able to cover or hide it, but in the mind. In the book he didn't seem to make any attempts to face reality, but when it came to giving advice to Max about reality, he was spot on. Kevin doesn't really understand facing reality in the book.

Contrasts Between Characters

In Freak the Mighyt, both Max and Kevin are outcast by peers. Max just tries to ignore the laughter and mean words. Kevin looks in straight in the eye and always says something about. Max deals with things in a quiet depressed kind of matter. He likes to stay in the "down under" by himself. Kevin is more open in ways to handle things. If soemthing is wrong, and Kevin doesn't like it, he always has something to say about it. Kevin is strong-willed. Max and Kevin are different than each other. Opposites attract though.