The Rise of The Great Wall

By: Samuel Connelly

The Great Wall of China

Have you ever heard of the Great Wall of China? No! Why do you ask? Well read some information about it and maybe you mite think that it is pretty cool.

The Great Wall of China

The Qin Dynasty was the founder of the Great Wall of China. It is one of the most extensive construction project ever completed. The Great Wall of China is more 5,500 miles and more than 100,000 laborers and soldiers. Many of the workers died, but they we buried in the Great Wall. It took about 10 years to build and it was made out of dirt, stone, and brick but it depended on the location they were at. It was made to keep northerns ( nomads ) out. It was about 25 to 30 feet high and about 12 feet wide. One bad thing is that it made it hared to trade because the wall was so long and so tall.

The Defeat of The Great Wall of China

In 1644 AD the Ming Dynasty took over the Qin's. The Ming had a disadvantage because the wall was so tall that they couldn't ride horse until they broke through the wall. That is another reason they built it so tall, so they couldn't ride horses because it made it easier to get there items and come out easier to. After the battle was over, the Mings started the Rebuilding if the Great Wall.

The Rebuilding of the Great Wall

After the Ming Dynasty took over the Qin Dynasty they started to rebuild the Great Wall. When they started they didn't send as much people as the Qin Dynasty did becuase they didn't build it they just came back to fix what they tore down. It took about 2 years to rebuild the wall. After the Mind Dynasty there were many Dynasty's that took over and the wall just rebuilt and rebuilt over and over. now it is just a historical site so you won't get killed by Chinese.
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The Great Wall of China

I hope that you got a lot of information off of my essay. And maybe you will go to The Great Wall and see what it is is like.