Biological Weapons

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What are biological weapons?

Based off of a biological weapon, also called germ weapon, is any of a number of disease-producing agents—such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, fungi, toxins, or other biological agents—that may be utilized as weapons against humans, animals, or plants.

When did biological warfare begin?

Biological warfare dates back many centries ago all the way back to B.C. For example Scythian archers would dip and infect their arrows in decomposing bodies, or blood mixed with manure as far back as 400 B.C. Another example would be Persian, Greek, and Roman literature from 300 B.C. quotes of examples of dead animals used to contaminate wells and other sources of water.

History and examples behind biological warfare.

1,500 B.C. used by the Hittites of Asia. leader Minor recognized the power and sent plagues into his enemies lands. With biological weapons starting early in the years. It has given the world plenty of time to advance and further research in biological weapons.

During the 1763 french and indian war. A blanket at the orders of commander sir Jeffery Amherst was distributed, British forces swept the nation with smallpox from something as crazy and simple as a blanket. The indians not knowing continued to all get sick.

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Movie that uses biological warfare

Revolution is a drama by bad robot productions which is about the power going out. With the power going out the world falls into chaos leading to a number of event. Soon to be taken back over by the patriots or the U.S.A. Yet they are corrupted and mutilate people to get what they want. Season 2 episode 12: Captain Trips is a good example of this type of warfare. One of the tactics they use to get the nation back is trying to use a researched and devolved disease trying to kill off the weak and make the world pure. The creator of the show is Erick Kripke.