Weapons in the Middle Ages

By: Max Novak


A Mace is a weapon with a heavy head on a solid shaft used to kill opponents. It is very dangerous and only people trained in using them, ever used them.


A Lance was a long stick-like object used on horseback for jousting. It wasn't meant to kill anybody, but it was supposed to knock them off their horse, or to injure them. Nothing more.

Danish Axe

This very dangerous weapon was commonly known in the Middle Ages. It was a very thin, but sharp axe head resting on a long pole. It was typically used as a battle axe.


The Partisan is a form of polearm with a very sharp blade that almost looked like a double sided axe, as some might say. This weapon was typically used for killing people.


The dagger is the most commonly known weapon of the Middle Ages. This small, but durable weapon was typically used in close-range combat and provides a hefty blow to the victim.