Madison Hotchko

Section 1 : Product information

Element Name: Madison Hotchko

Atomic Mass: 120

Symbol: Mh

Discoverers: Sandy Potter & Beth Hotchko

Occurrence: Large deposits in cold areas; Low quantities in hot climates

Section 2 : Physical Data

Surface Properties: pale, blue-green tint, usually has dark coating, buoyant

-Melts at 98 degrees or higher

-Can cause laughter if it is with familiar elements

Can be found in various states:

-Happy when doing art or playing video games

-Sad when ignored

-Bored when there is nothing to do

Section 3: Chemical Properties

- Is repelled by heat, stress, and chicken liver

- Is attracted to art, free time, animals, computers

- May explode spontaneously when under stress

- Requires copious amounts of food and sleep

- Is inert if exhausted or overwhelmed

- Is impervious to coffee with nothing in it