By:Haley Schweitzer


A spreadsheet is a program that people use for accounting and is arranged in rows or columns. You can do a lot of things with spreadsheets, and they are easy to work with too.

Entering data and formating data

To enter data just click in one of the little boxes called cells. When the cell has a blue spare around the cell that is called the active cell and it is ready for you to write. You can change your cell background too. Just highlight the cells that you want to have a colored background and click on the fill box on the tool bar then pic a color. If you want to have your text color changes highlight the words that you want and just click on the text color.

Chart Data

Manipulate Data

Here are some formulas and functions. If you want to find the sum of something this is what you need to do. =sum(then the numbers you want to add up then)and press enter. If you need to find the average of numbers type in this. =average(then the numbers) then enter. If you want to find the lesser number do =min(numbers). If you need to find the bigger number do =max(numbers) then enter.