Morning Notes

Thursday 10 December, 2015

Happy birthday Akira Shroeder!

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REMEMBER to Empty Your Lockers

Dear Students and Teachers,

During the vacation, WLS will be welcoming a VIP to the synagogue and, as a part of the security sweep of the building, all lockers must be empty and open. The police security team will force open any lockers that they cannot access. We really don’t want any damaged lockers!

So, please can you take home everything from your lockers, and either take home your padlock or leave the lock closed on the hasp, but the locker open.


Dear Students,

Recently it has been noticed that at snack time students have been taking several snacks at the start of break and not leaving enough for those coming down later. This is not very respectful of fellow Halcyon students and is not following the Guiding Principles. Please can students refrain from taking more than one snack until all students have had a chance to go to the canteen. If at 1045 there are snacks left, students can then take more.

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The Bett Conference (great speakers are featured) is a FREE educational technology conference and it is happening again this year at the London Excel Centre on Jan 20-23.

If you are interested in presenting at this conference then attend this planning meeting this week Thursday from 1240-1320 in room T02.

MUN in Term Two

In January, MUN Club after school on Thursday will run as normal. Mr Jones will be supervising during January.

Lunchtime MUN Clubs on Monday and Thursday lunchtimes will be cancelled during January.

Lunch clubs

Learning Space in B01

Art Drop in in S02

MUN Club in T01

Off Campus

This week

Thursday: Grade 11

Friday: Grade 11

Off campus first week of term two

Tuesday: Grades 7 and 11

Wednesday: Grades 8 and 11

Thursday: Grades 9 and 11

Friday: Grade 10 and 11

Mother Tongue


Thomas Rigney in F01

Period 8

Gabriel and Elliot, French in F01

After School Activities

Homework Club in the Hub

Art Club in S02

MUN Club in T01

Drama Club in the second floor space

Basketball Club at SLC

Today's Lunch Menu: Brunch Day

Main Dish Option One

Roasted vegetable lasagna

Main Dish Option Two

Rolled eggplant with chickpeas, red peppers, feta cheese and black olives (GF)

Main Dish Option Three

Tuscan bean soup

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Greek salad

Clementine, watercress salad

Sweetcorn salad

Hard boiled eggs


Warm spiced pears and crème fraiche

Seasonal fruits

How was your lunch this week?

Please take a moment to complete this survey on what you like and sharing with us your ideas on how we can improve.

We highly value your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you!